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Shortly after the demise of "Igor's Night Off" (So Exciting!... So sadly missed.) In 1986, the two main protagonists, Suzanne Reddington-Gardner and Ken 'Dark Greenn' Gardner, were on holiday in the South of France, when they met a charming, rich, old Frenchman who suggested Ken and Suzanne make some music for a film which he was making.
They wrote and produced these three songs which were quite a departure from the kind of music that they usually made. So, when their benefactor died before filming could commence, this music, these brilliant songs, remained on the shelf. Ken Gardner has now mastered them and Blackfriars Records are proud to release them as Suzanne Reddington-Gardner's first solo single, and ours.


released January 19, 2015

All songs written by Gardner, Reddington-Gardner.
Time Slips (01) recorded at Blackwing Recording Studio and produced by Ken Gardner.
Everything (02) Recorded at Alaska Studios and Produced by Pat Collier.
The Devils Daughter (03) recorded at home and Produced by Ken Gardner.
All songs Mixed and Mastered by Ken Gardner at Curt Cataract's secret South London Laboratory.
Cover Photo/Art by Curt Cataract



all rights reserved


Blackfriars Records London, UK

Blackfriars Records is 100% independent and 100% artist/ producer led, we aim to have an eclectic catalogue where quality and quirk are the watchwords.
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Track Name: Time Slips
Seems strange now,
going back to all the haunts where we would play.
Old faces,
grinning through the smoke, the years fly away.

I remember thoughts and feelings,
sound sight, stale perfume.
The girls, the lights, the swirling room.
The memories like ripples in a pool always fade too soon.

Seems strange now,
sunset beaches and the things we would to say.
Cold places,
warmed by laughter, we await another day.

I remember dazed and dreaming,
mind games,a dying bloom.
A soft embrace to classic tunes,
emotions thrown like pebbles at the moon always fade to soon.

How the time slips,
how the time slips away,
how the time slips away.

Seems strange how,
seconds drag while the years fly away.
No traces,
of our lunacy or lust still remain.

But I remember fast and fleeting
fantasies, a fight or two,
the manic love among the dunes.
The moment is a mistress to the fool who betrays his soul.

As the time slips,
as the time slips away,
as the time slips way,
the time slips the time slips
the time slips.
As the time is slipping away so fast.
As the time is slipping away from me
it slips away.
Track Name: Everything
I wanna do, wanna do, wanna do everything with you.

When I see you moving, I wanna take you home.
All the time we're losing gives me an ache deep down in my soul.
I think of things that we could do,
when we're on our own.
I can't keep my hands to myself.
I gotta let you know.
I wanna do everything,
everything with you.
I, I wanna do everything,
everything with you.

I wanna wake in the morning,
with you by my side,
and in the day when I'm working,
you'll be on my mind.
Cos' every moment you're with me
I'm not just one of the line.
I can feel you deep inside me,
making me know you're mine.
I wanna do everything,
everything with you.
I wanna do everything
everything with you.

I wanna do it right now
I wanna do everything and I can do anything when I'm with you.
We, We do everything, yea everything.
Cos' there's nothing I wouldn't do for you.
I wanna do everything,
I, I wanna do everything
Track Name: The Devils Daughter
Well I'm the devil's daughter,
I'm a bad girl through and through.
I never do what i ought to no.
I'm the boogie man coming for you.
Ooo she's nasty,
yea I'm rotten to the core.
Ooo she's nasty,
you'll be crying out for more.

They say my daddy's a bad man,
but I love him just the same.
I know i'm never gonna go to heaven.
I'm gonna have fun and he can take the blame.
Ooo she's nasty,
Yea my head to my tippy toes.
Ooo she's nasty,
There'll be havoc wherever i go.

I'm the angel of darkness,
The star that never dies,
Some people say i'm heartless,
I'm the queen of the spiders and flies.

Everybody has one vice they say,
even though they claim they ain't.
Well I've got evil, I ain't even used.
I make Lucretia look like a saint..

Ooo she's nasty,
I'll make you sweat, i'll make you squirm.
Ooo she's nasty,
then i'll feed you to the worms.
Ooo she's nasty,
from my head to my tippy toes.
Ooo she's nasty,
havoc wherever i go.